Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Collaboration Health Check – Initial Observations

Firstly thank you to those who have sent in a completed Collaboration Health Check. And to those of you that have yet to do so, I would appreciate your contribution to the initiative too. We have no hard deadline for this phase of the initiative, however I will shortly be completing the design of the interview guide and the feedback we have from the Collaboration Health Check will inform the guide.

I did have an email exchange with a FAN Club colleague who was concerned that they might not have enough collaborative working experience to make their feedback valuable. As I said to the individual concerned, I am very interested in all colleague's perspective of collaboration generally so don't feel constrained by the level of experience or by a futures work context. My assumption is that collaboration happens in other areas but is limited in futures work, so I am keen to explore that. Also, we may learn that there is a requirement to enhance collaborative working capability so your perspective would be very valuable.

Consolidated Collaboration Health Check feedback

Here is the profile for the group based on the submissions I have received so far. I will be looking in more detail at the underlying data and sharing my observations in due course.